Is your business based within West Yorkshire?

Would you like your business to grow?

Maybe you would like more sales or visits to your website?

With listeners across West Yorkshire listening around the clock, Rhubarb Smoothies Radio targets over 2 Million people across West Yorkshire aiming at the 35-64 year age group and targeting a high socioeconomic listener base.

We Can Help You Grow Your Business
Radio Is Back and Stronger Than Ever!

Online radio listening is growing constantly and has become a great advertising platform for businesses all around the world to achieve their goals with listeners to online radio growing year on year!

Technology is moving fast and so are we! Many listeners listen on the go via mobile devices or tablets, at work or at home on a PC or laptop so online radio is a great way to get heard!

To find out more about advertising or sponsorship on Rhubarb Smoothies Radio you can contact our sales team for an informal chat by phone on 01924 650869 or by email: